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QNAP online resources collection

QNAP is the famous private cloud solution provider, the main product is NAS (Network attach Storage), this article collect QNAP online resources and help QNAPer / NAS beginner quickly know how to select NAS and find application information, if any suggestion website, welcome to comment and share with us.

QNAP website

Topic include NAS, Operation System, Application, Tutorial / FAQ , Forum and Customer Service.


the 1st question is How to choose NAS ? QNAP provide a NAS selector to help user quickly know which NAS meet their requirement

You can just follow the step and answer the question.

another way is find from the QNAP website
QNAP website

You can choose Products -> Home & SOHO / SMB/ Enterprise , different usage will go to different product page to show related NAS model.


After you choose a NAS, you may need to know more about the SW part, QNAP NAS bundle with QNAP operation system - QTS , and here list the latest 2 version of QTS 
if you want to see QTS interface before use the real NAS, you can try on the website:

QNAP App Center

after choose the NAS, and know the OS, the 3rd part is to know more about the application, you can find related information on the app center,  just enter the NAS model and QTS version, then it will show all supported application.

QNAP App center 

if you want to see the app 's comment from other user, you can go to this page, just like Google play, you can see other user's comment about the app and also rate the app

QNAP App center with comment

QNAP has their own OS, and app format called qpkg, so that in some website it will use qpkg, which is the "app", just like apk in the Android system.

QNAP Solution 

QNAP has solution page for different vertical market, for the IoT and AI these 2 hot topic, QNAP already set the solution page to introduce them.

ex. QIoT 
include QIoT Suite Lite and QNAP AWS Greengrass  these 2 qpkg.

include QuAI and JupyterHub these 2 qpkg.

In the solution page will introduce the feature and also list the compatibility in the last part. So that must read it and see if the NAS you choose can use the soltuion.
ex. QuAI support model

You can see because of the GPU size, the QuAI support NAS is 12-bay and 16-bay

QNAP app  Tutorial & FAQ

You can choose the category in the left side ex. QIoT/ QuAI :
for the IoT, you can find QNAP / QNAP partner IoT application introduction in QIoT Blog

if you want to know more about each solution, you can find video on QNAP Youtube channel and QNAP live-broadcast team combine the slide and video into the website:

So that you can find related information on the website

QNAP forum 

in the forum you can ask any question and looking for suggestion , this forum also create the IoT / AI topic: 
And all the WW forum information you can find on the website

QNAP WW forum list (Chinese)

I copy from the QNAP webpage in Chinese however if you want to change the language in QNAP website, in any page, on the right up side you can find a button to change the language, so after choose the English

QNAP Customer Service

Home > Support > Customer Service

for the pre-sale questions:

If you have any question regarding QNAP NAS products or wish to contact a sales professional.

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