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How to setup GPU on QNAP NAS (QTS 4.3.5+)

How to setup GPU on QNAP NAS (QTS 4.3.5+) !

Actually QNAP start to support GPU in QTS 4.3.5, so that if you are using QTS 4.3.6 or QTS 4.4.0 you can use GPU as well.

in this tutorial we will  introduce QTS & setup GPU with QNAP NAS

in QTS panel you can see the QTS version:

You can find QNAP NAS and related compatibility on QNAP website 

the GPU information, you can get all related information from QTS panel :

ex. Assign resource to QTS

You can assign GPU to VM / Container station via 

Control Panel -->  Hardware 

total 3 type and they are exclusive, if you choose VM, then this GPU resource is used by VM .. 
  • QTS  (including Linux Station & HD Station)
  • Virtualization Station (VM)
  • Container Station (docker )
this is the basic GPU resource setting.

Don't forget to install Nvidia driver package from QNAP app center !

Current QNAP NAS for QTS 4.3.5 Nvidia driver information :

- Nvidia Driver updated to 384.111
- Cuda updated to 9.0 ,
- ffmpeg updated to 3.4 
- Added 10bit transcode.

(QTS 4.4.0 will upgrade Nvidia driver accordingly.)

in QTS 4.3.5 support Container Station v1.9 & QuAI - QNAP AI starter kit
once you install QuAI, you can see the GPU information in detail.

QuAI is briefing how to setup your development environment, so you can see these tutorial :
QuAI including GPU setting tutorial, so that if you are first time using QNAP NAS with GPU, you can start with QuAI, and just download this software via QNAP App center 

HW setup

download driver 

For more QNAP GPU setting, you can search on QNAP website
for the VM part, you can check this tutorial :

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