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QNAP QIoT Suite release new version v1.2.100, now you can import QTS user !!

QIoT Suite Lite 1.2.100
( 2019/03/15 )
[New Features]
1. QTS users can now be imported into QIoT Suite Lite.
2. QTS users can now log in to QIoT Suite Lite using their QTS account.
3. Default Node-RED nodes have been updated to the following versions:
  a. node-red-dashboard:2.13.2
  b. node-red-node-email:1.2.0
  c. node-red-node-feedparser:0.1.14
  d. node-red-node-rbe:0.2.4
  e. node-red-node-twitter:1.1.4

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