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2016 IoT Roadshow Taipei Winning Projects

2016 IoT Roadshow Taipei Winning Projects

First Prize Winners: 

Depillow – A connected pillow that not only tracks your sleep patterns, but also captures what you speak while you sleep, to help track dream patterns if any.

Second Prize Winners:

Project Jammin - A smart home solution that track your mood based on facial expressions and verbal clues. The solution then changes the ambience, music, lighting and other setting to suit your mood

智慧城市系統 (MakeWish) - Using Intel Edison and other sensors, the solution helps detect suitable environmental conditions for trees like soil, moisture etc and when the water levels drop automatically triggers irrigation

Third Prize Winners:

出一張嘴  (Just talking) -  A Smart Car that supports voice navigation, helps you find your cars in a parking lot, uses image recognition to do away with keys and passwords

M.I.R.C.P: Makes the process of planting trees interactive and fun using the LINE messenger app and encourages people to plat more trees

AccuSeat: Is a smart cushion that helps correct your posture while sitting using pressure sensors, vibration sensors and 3-axis gyro.

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