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Qmiix enables real-time cross-platform automation for IoT applications

Technological Breakthroughs Driven by Modern Business Digital Transformation Needs

Digital Transformation is inevitable for today’s businesses. The new digital trend requires enterprises to set aside capital to invest in new IT infrastructure technologies to lower future costs, generate higher profits, and to ensure that company business models are prepared to adopt emerging or disruptive technologies and services. This change is driven by technological innovation and realized by the rise of cloud applications and the advancement of fog devices (i.e. smart terminal devices).

At the QNAP 2020 TechDay, we will demonstrate our latest technologies to help businesses succeed in digital transformation, and to help them realize the near-limitless potential of future IT trends and services.

Qmiix enables real-time cross-platform automation for IoT applications

Qmiix connects services from various platforms, allowing users to create self-defined rules between multiple QNAP NAS and services on cloud-based platforms to automate daily tasks. Qmiix is tailor-made for executing real-time automation – providing a major boost to applications such as IoT.

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