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Are my QTS account settings synchronized to QVR Pro, QVR Center, and QVR Guard?

  • QVR Pro: shares user accounts and user groups with QTS, but has its own privilege and user role settings
  • QVR Center: uses its own authentication and authorization settings
  • QVR Guard: only inherits the account “admin” and its privileges
For details, see the following table:
UsersUser GroupsRolesPrivilege Settings
QTSSynced between QTS and QVR ProSynced between QTS and QVR ProN/AApplied to QTS
QVR ProIndependent systemApplied to QVR Pro
QVR CenterIndependent systemN/AIndependent systemApplied to QVR Center
QVR Guard“Admin” onlyN/AN/A“Admin” only

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