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QNAP and IEI heading to AIoT business

QNAP and iEi offer various optimized solutions for users with different needs. Come to join us and rapidly create your QIoT world to open more opportunities for the future.

Optimized NAS solution for QIoT Developer

With Container station, Virtualization and rich applications, QNAP NAS provides not only NAS with expandable storage space, but also the most ideal and secured environment for QIoT developer, allowing more possibilities to be carried out in your QIoT

Optimized IIoT Gateway for Cloud IPC

IEI's new generation smart fan-less embedded computer has an ultra-rugged design that allows stable operation even under the worst environments; it is not only quiet but also safe. The TANK-860-QGW supports the QTS Gateway operating system allowing you to easily monitor the system status. Diverse application programs can also be downloaded to satisfy different application needs.


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